Magnolia teen dies in vehicle crash

By Karina Brisack
Tribune Staff

Brehana Tayler Lewis, age 17, of Magnolia died late Sunday evening in a single vehicle car wreck on I-45 near its intersection with Gladsdell St at approximately 11:46 on Sunday, July 13. Lewis reportedly drove her vehicle into a guardrail on the side of the freeway, causing it to roll over. No alcohol or drug use has yet been linked to the incident.

Three other teenagers were with her in the car at the time, two males and one female, and each sustained injuries of varying severity. They were all transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition with minor injuries.

According to the accident report filed by the Conroe Police Department, Lewis’ vehicle was seen traveling at an estimated 100 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone at the time of the crash. Corey Halbert of Magnolia and Korhie Miller-Clover of Spring, who were in the vehicle that had been traveling directly behind Lewis, both provided statements to police following the incident.

According to them, Lewis’ car appeared to be rapidly approaching an 18-wheeler and drove at high speed into a guardrail while trying to avoid hitting the larger vehicle.
Lewis was partially ejected from the vehicle twice as her car flipped and rolled along the roadway. She was already deceased upon the arrival of law enforcement.
The teens had just left Johnny B. Dalton’s Dance Hall, a nightclub located mere miles from the location of the crash. They had been attending one of the establishment’s Teen Night events, which caters to teens by providing a club atmosphere without serving alcohol.

The Johnny B. Dalton’s Dance Hall facebook page acknowledged Lewis’ death on July 14, making a post that reads, “Our thoughts and our prayers are with the family of the young lady who lost her life last night in a horrific car accident, such a tragedy to lose a someone so young. It breaks our hearts for their loss.”

Lewis updated her Twitter profile, where she went by the username BreLewis10, mere hours before her death, posting a status that read, “Gonna be a good night of dancing.” The post has been retweeted hundreds of times by fellow users who offer prayer, condolences, and best wishes to the deceased teen and her family. Other users have used the hashtag “#RipBreLewis”to commemorate the loss through their social media posts.

“Rest in peace beautiful… So many people are praying for you & your family tonight including myself,” posted Twitter user Rachell_Michael to express her sympathy.
A vigil was held Monday evening outside the dance hall to commemorate the loss. A memorial service was then held at the Fellow-ship of the Woodlands church on Thursday and was followed by burial at Acton Cemetery in Action, TX.