Magnolia child actor Deke Garner stars in “Hellion”


Deke Garner (bottom) poses with “Hellion” costars Aaron Paul (top) and Josh Wiggins (middle).          Photo Credit/

By Cheryl Garcia
Contributing Writer

Magnolia resident Deke Garner always loved movies and now he’s acting in them. Garner, age 11, has in fact been doing so for quite some time. He filmed his first movie at the age of 7. His most recent film, “Hellion,” has been released to critical acclaim.
Garner stars in the film alongside famous names Aaron Paul (co-star of the critically acclaimed television drama Breaking Bad), and Juliette Lewis (popular for her work in films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Natural Born Killers) as well as teenage actor Josh Wiggins.

Garner and Wiggins play Wes and Jacob, brothers being raised by an irresponsible and emotionally absent father, played by Paul. Their aunt, played by Lewis, helps their father try to keep the family together by forcing changes to their dysfunctional lifestyle. The title, “Hellion,” refers to the wild actions of the eldest brother, Jacob.
Garner beat out hundreds of kids from across the country to be cast as the younger sibling in the film. Since being cast in his first movie, 2010’s “Hyphen” by director John Hale, Garner has acted in three feature films and 14 short films.

“My dad encouraged all of us kids to do something other than sit around the house. I didn’t like sports too much, but I loved movies and knew I wanted to get into them. He helped me do that,” said Garner. Hellion, directed by Austin’s Kat Candler, was shot in Port Arthur last summer. It won the Dallas International Film Festival and has had limited release in selected U.S. cities, including Houston. It ran last week at the Alamo Drafthouse near Tomball and is currently available from VOD (video on demand) services.

Garner enjoyed working with Wiggins in the movie.

“It was Josh’s first movie, and he was awesome,” said a supportive Garner.
His next project is “The Stones We Throw,” a film by new director Olivia Carmel.
Garner was a Magnolia Elementary student until fifth grade, when he started attending school online due to the demands of his acting career. When not acting, Garner is an avid skateboarder. He also likes helping special needs children when he can. Interested readers can follow Garner on Twitter (@dekeg) or Instagram (@dekegarner).